Burnt Toast on Day One

This “pedway” to the bike trail along the lake almost spelled my doom. Easing my bike down the little ramp along the edge didn’t work as planned. I lost control of the bike, when the weight from all the gear on the trailer, pushed it passed me and jammed the front wheel into the opposing wall. The trailer popped loose and the front wheel took some damage.

When the front wheel wouldn’t glide through the brake pads any more I thought I was toast. Burnt toast. Was it too soon to cry?

I pulled the bike then the trailer up onto level ground by the water. Fixed the wheel first. It needs truing, I had to loosen the brake to get it to roll without friction. It still stops fine though.

Then I reattached the trailer and took extra care that it was secured in place.

All I can say is “dang!”.

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