An Easy Day Gone Awry

I got a great start getting into town. First in fog, then through some scenic stretches like this.

“Love” Bridge encountered as I slithered into Milwaukee

Today was supposed to be the two-wheel equivalent of a stroll as I navigated my way lazily through the burbs and the city of Milwaukee, a light day to give my legs, buttocks, and sundry ligaments a chance to adjust to the daily exertions required of me by this trip. Instead, “stuff happened”.

A motorcycle cop blocked my passage across a river, some HAZMAT diesel spill connecting deal. I rode up and down my side of the river trying to jimmy my GPS into finding another route over the water. It kept insisting I ride my bike over the diesel spill. Why are they always so stubborn.

Another section of road was blocked by road construction.

I got into the ugly portion with mid-day heat and felt a mild case of heat frustration coming on. I was a little bit oozy, a little wobbly. I did what anybody would do. Sat down on the edge of the sidewalk and tried some stretches.

Then Zeno’s paradox kicked in, you know the one. You go half the distance to your goal and find there is still a “half to distance to your goal left”. So you go half the distance again and find out that, hang it all, there is still half the distance to go. That Zeno is quite a rascal but it does describe something very apt about psychological time. Even as I was closing the gap by half each time and the halves where halving, they still felt as long as they were in the beginning.

In the end, you just have to force your mind blank and get over the last few oh-so-stubborn miles.

I saw some great stuff!

Wisconsin, has great looking old-school pubs all over the place. I was reminded of this in Kenosha, when I passed by one called “Double Vision”. Here’s Patti’s Place, so adorable. “Let’s Get Pickled at Patti’s Place”.

Patti’s Place


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